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6 Tips for Buying the Perfect Couch

Buying a new couch or sofa should be considered a major investment, regardless of the cost. You will have to live with your decision for quite some time. Most sofas are designed to last a decade or longer. You want to make sure whatever style, design, and color you select will fit your needs today and down the road.

When you are ready to buy a new couch, you will want to use these great tips.

Tip #1: Measure the space where the couch will go.

The last thing you want is to order a couch and on delivery day, discover it is too big for the space you have available. By knowing how much space you have available, it will help you eliminate any sofas that are too big.

Tip #2: Check the comfort.

Some people never take the time to sit on the sofa they buy. Later, after sitting on it for hours, they discover it is not all that comfortable. You need to sit on it and think about how comfortable it will be while binge-watching TV or playing video games.

Tip #3: Evaluate the sofa’s construction.

What materials were used for the frame, joinery, arms, supports, and cushions? These things are equally important as it will determine the quality of the couch and how long it will last. Look for high-quality materials that will not bend, break, or easily wear out. At Elephant in a Box we use a unique honeycomb structure at the core of our sofas to create the nicest, strongest, long-lasting sofa you will ever buy.

Tip #4: Check the comfort of the cushions.

Are the cushions comfortable and inviting to sit on? The cushions should be firm, supportive, and soft without you sinking into the sofa. They should easily regain their shape after pressing down on them and letting go. If the cushion regains its shape slowly, it could quickly get flattened out in no time and will no longer be comfortable to sit on.

Tip #5: Check if there are optional upgrades available.

Some sofas come with various upgrades, like a collapsible desk you can use and then hide away in one of the arms. Review what upgrades are available in case there might be some you want. The modularity also allows you to reconfigure your setup as life evolves and your needs change.

Tip #6: Find out what type of warranty is available.

The warranty will tell you about the quality and workmanship of the sofa you are considering. Ideally, you want one that offers a limited lifetime warranty. Just make sure to read through the warranty details to understand what is covered, exceptions to coverage, and for how long.

By using these tips, you will find a comfortable sofa you will enjoy for years, like the sofas and sectionals available online at Elephant in a Box. Our products offer optional upgrades, are easy to set up, and include a free 30-day trial, so you can buy with confidence risk-free!

If you have further questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to email us at happy@elephantinabox.com.

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