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Best Ways to Arrange Sectional Sofa: Top Considerations

Sectional sofas are one of the most versatile living room furniture you can buy, and there are several sectional sofa configurations to suit your specific needs. They provide ample seating, and you can pull them apart for easy arrangement.

No matter your configuration, selecting the best arrangement for your sectional is important. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when arranging your sectional couches.

Consider Your Living Space Focal Point

You should identify your living room's focal point and arrange your sectional facing the focal point. The fireplace and TV are the focal points for most living rooms.

If you don't have a TV or fireplace in your living room, you can have your sectional couch face the window to enjoy the outdoor views. If your sectional sofa lacks an arm on one side, add a side table to balance the look.

Choose Left/Right Side Sitting Sectional

There are several sectional sofa layouts to choose from. If you prefer an L-shaped sectional couch, you need to choose either left or right-side sitting.

If the chaise is on the right when you stand facing a sectional, it is a right-side sitting chaise sectional. If you stand facing a sectional couch and its chaise is on the left, it is a left-side sitting chaise.

Consider Additional Furnishings

Your sectional couch configuration determines how you arrange it with other furniture. A U-shaped couch pairs well with a square or round coffee table placed in front of the main couch.

Adding a loveseat can help complete the look in larger living rooms. Two chairs facing the sectional are enough for a smaller living room.

If your sectional has a chaise, consider adding a rectangular coffee table in front of the sofa's main section and place a chair opposite the chaise.

Avoid Blocking Doors and Windows

Now that you know how to arrange a sectional sofa with other furniture, ensure you leave all doors and windows fully open. Besides blocking the beautiful view, placing a sectional in front of a window impedes airflow and natural light coming into your family room.

In addition to creating a major inconvenience, blocking the doorway with a sectional couch can be a potential fire hazard. You can prevent these issues by measuring the sectionals before buying to avoid choosing an oversized sectional.

Consider Your Convenience and Comfort

When arranging your sectional couch, ensure sufficient space for convenient movement within the family room. The furniture should be well-positioned to ensure easy accessibility.

It is always advisable to set the furniture in the middle of a formal living room, leaving enough wall space. If you have accessories like a coffee table or ottoman, set them appropriately to ensure convenient access for everyone.

This consideration is especially critical if you have a small living room, large coffee tables, or oversized chaise sectionals. You should also use properly sized area rugs.


We hope these tips will help you get the best from your sectionals. If you want to buy the best sectionals for your Chicago living room, Elephant In A Box can help. We have you covered whether you want a reclining sectional, fabric sectional, sofa table, chaise lounge, navy velvet sofa, floor cushions, or other furniture products. Feel free to explore our furniture products online at

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