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Elephant in a Box - Choosing the Perfect Sofa Color

When it comes to sofa color, the possibilities are endless. There's a sofa for every room in your home and any style you can imagine. That is why choosing the perfect sofa colour can be overwhelming! To make your living room sofa decision easier, here are some of our most popular sofa colors broken down by living room styles so that you don't have to spend all day searching for "the one."


If you're searching for a neutral, basic sofa or sofa bed, grey is typically a safe choice. Particularly if you're considering a more oversized item of furniture, the grey hue may help it blend in with your living space and not overpower it. A grey couch also allows you to personalize the color scheme to match your needs by adding color to the surrounding decor.


Beiges and off-whites hues, which are natural and light, are an excellent alternative for a minimalist home. These choices of fabric are typically quite flexible, working well with earth tones. We recommend including accents of colors such as pillows or accent tables and chairs to prevent your environment from becoming too clinical-looking.


The most popular colors are darker tones (taupe, charcoal, etc.) and metal black. When asked why they chose this variant, the most common responses are about practicality. Many consumers will choose a darker color because it can take more abuse without showing too much wear. Aside from this apparent benefit, deeper hues provide an excellent method to add a sleek aesthetic to your living room without going overboard.

Dark Blues:

Our sapphire velvet's deep, rich blue color is utilized in many of our products, and we adore working with it since it is so elegant and sophisticated. Blue is also a fantastic method to bring calmness and serenity into a living area.


If you are wanting color and personality in your sofa, then look no further than bright options. Typically, consumers will choose this hue if they have already decorated their living room with many bold colors or patterns that they want to maintain. When incorporating this sofa colour, we recommend pairing it with lighter and more neutral tones for a well-rounded look that does not appear too overwhelming or chaotic.


Once thought of as dull and drab, brown is making an impressive comeback in the living room! A dark sofa provides you with endless decor options that can transform your space into something more elegant or casual, depending on the unique look you are going for.

Making the Choice

There is no such thing as a "correct" or "incorrect" color. It all depends on your interior design. If you're ever unsure about one of our fabrics, order a sample for free by emailing us with the specific sofa and the fabric choice.

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