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Sofa vs. Sectional: Everything You Need To Make a Decision

It's no secret that we all want to make our living room as comfortable as we can.

Sometimes, in the haste of buying the furniture, the long list of options could put us into a state of indecisiveness. That is why in today’s piece, we want to shed light on the difference between two furniture products whose difference is largely confusing: Sofa and Sectional. Apart from highlighting the difference, we help you decide which one would serve you better.

The difference between a Sofa and a Sectional

What distinguishes a sofa from a sectional is the sitting space. Sofas have space to accommodate up to three or four people sitting comfortably. It may have one long cushion covering the entire sit, two cushions, or even separate cushions serving three or four people. Some sofas could have additional features such as reclining seats or a built-in mattress.

On the other hand, sectional sofas are large furniture accommodating more people sitting comfortably. They are curved and occupy more space than the mostly straight sofas.

While considering which one to go for, between a sofa and a sectional, you would need to measure the space of your living room. If the area is small, it will restrict you to a sofa. Similarly, if yours is a large living room and you regularly entertain more guests, a sectional would be the ideal choice.

Living Room Sectionals Explained

It might get confusing when sectionals are referred to as sectional sofas, but that is what they are. They are generally sofas made of two or more sections joined together. Most sectionals are either L-shaped or U-shaped and are large enough to allow you to take a nap or even sleep there. Furthermore, we have modular sectionals that allow you to change the shape you might want.

If you enjoy having intimate conversions or having coffee nights at home, the U-shaped sectional with a sofa in the middle might work for you.

Sofa vs. Sectional: Which One Would Be Ideal for You?

As much as a large living room would accommodate sectionals, it doesn't mean it is your all-time best fit. Deciding on which ones to go for also depends on the number of people you would be hosting daily and the kind of design you would like for your living room.

If you have fewer visitors and do not have children, a sofa would be all you need. If you rarely use your living room, buying large sections also wouldn't be a necessary investment, and you would be good with the sofa. If you do not have a separate bedroom, going for sectionals would allow you to sleep in it comfortably.

Once you have considered the above factors, choosing the store to source your furniture is still essential. It would be best if you worked with reputable destinations that do not compromise on the quality of their products. One such destination is our Online Couch Ecommerce Store. Visit our store, and get yourself the best furniture deal.

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