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Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

The bedroom is where you go to sleep and wake up, and it has a significant impact on your day and how well you function and feel.

Clean rooms will provide any of the following benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Increased emotional wellbeing
  • More efficient days
  • Stronger habits
  • Better productivity
  • Reduced depression

The organization of a bedroom can make or break its functionality. We want to help you avoid this problem by giving you some tips for keeping your bedroom clean!

Cut the Excess

Hoarding can be the result of unhealthy habits with dire consequences. Hoarding is a gradual process for many people, and it isn't noticed until it has become a full-blown issue.

Search your space for unnecessary items, and consider these things:

  • Multiples of an item is not always a good idea
  • Why do I have so many identical shirts?
  • Clothes no longer fitting?
  • Gifts from friends are often overlooked or forgotten about
  • Collectibles sitting in boxes for years without being touched
  • Jewelry not worn but still kept "just-in-case."

The more each item has a purpose, the better it will work with other things in your space.

Straighten Up Furniture

When tidying your bedroom, don't forget about the concealed areas. Drawers may stay closed most of the time, but it can be daunting to cram your clothes into them without folding; shelving is necessary in these cases.

Start with your dresser: clear away any clutter that clutters its surface.

Next, move on to the nightstands and shelves: this is where your random clutter usually hides!

Storage Systems

To make your bedroom more functional, you'll want to add storage space. It will either come naturally or be a routine you have to force yourself into until it becomes natural.

To keep your bedroom tidy, focus on the most problematic areas. These are:

  • Racks for clothes
  • Under-the-bed organizers
  • Organizers for shoes and coats
  • Space for bedding
  • Make Clean-Up Simple

Tackle the chaos with a simple clean-up system. Be conscious of what you're doing in your bedroom so that you can do things to prevent an unnecessary mess from happening. Follow these essential tips for keeping your bedroom clean:

  • Pick up clothes off the floor, then put them in a hamper or place where they belong.
  • Keep a trash can and hamper close by for messes that need disposing of.
  • Set aside ten minutes each day to focus on your bedroom space
  • Make your bed every day, so it isn't messy any more than necessary!

Streamline Your Routine

Keeping your bedroom clean is a habit. We've given you easy ways to set up your room, leading to more efficient mornings.

Now, make the finishing touches. What items do you use every day? A blow dryer and straightener? Specific makeup or hair products? Whatever it is, keep those items in an easily accessible place on your vanity.

Keeping your bedroom clean is a habit that's either an easy one that comes naturally or a routine you have to force yourself to follow until it becomes automatic.

Taking a couple of proactive steps at the start of your day will make everything else run more smoothly!

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