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What Is Elephant in a Box’s Honeycomb Technology?

At Elephant in a Box we use a unique honeycomb structure at the core of our sofas to create the nicest, strongest, long-lasting sofa you will ever need to buy. We have taken the time to utilize various technologies to develop our Elephant Core making our sofas light, portable, and easily movable, while providing comfort and durability.

This same honeycomb technology has been used in automobiles and aircraft for years. By building upon the methods used in the transportation industry, we have transformed it to bring it into your home. Our Elephant Core Technology has been carefully refined to deliver superior results.

How Does Our Honeycomb Structure Compare Against Traditional Sofas?

For starters, we tested four different samples with the same dimensions of common materials used for the structure and support found in sofas including:

1. Solid Wood Frame with Springs

2. Solid Wood Frame with Wood Bars

3. Solid Wood Frame with Elastic

4. Elephant in a Box Wood Beams & Elephant Core Technology

We made sure that the tests were conducted in the exact same way. The only variance in the tests was the combination of materials.

We applied progressive pressure in the seating area to determine how much weight each material could support before showing changes in the structure materials. Here are the results:

  • The solid wood frame with springs showed changes in its structure after applying 450 pounds.
  • The solid wood frame with wood bars showed changes in its structure after applying 860 pounds.
  • The solid wood frame with elastic showed changes in its structure after applying 1131 pounds.
  • Elephant in a Box wooden beams, and Elephant Core Technology showed changes in its structure after applying 1186 pounds.

As you can see, our honeycomb structure not only resisted more weight before showing any structural changes, but the changes were minimal compared to the other materials. Plus, our core technology did not affect the functionality of the sofa, unlike the others.

All the other materials’ structures not only changed, but they also broke from reaching their maximum weight capacities. Why did that occur?

The Elephant Core is the only one that provides support and carries weight throughout the entire seating area. With the other materials, they are not able to evenly distribute the weight across the entire seating area.

So, now that you know the difference in sofa materials, which are you choosing for your next new sofa? We hope you choose Elephant in a Box. Our sofa is easy to unbox, easy to unfold, and easy to enjoy!

To get a comfortable sofa that is durable, lightweight, and stylish, please feel free to explore our furniture products online at Elephantinabox.com.

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